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Excel Academy

Course Information: Excel Academy

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About the course:
Excel Academy is a comprehensive training program that includes everything you need to transform your Excel skills, automate your tasks and save huge amounts of time.


  • Courses:
    • Excel Automation Secrets: Discover how to apply the reporting & analysis blueprint to automate your work with Excel.
    • Ultimate Excel Tables: Learn how to master Excel Tables by using them to hold data and perform dynamic reporting and analysis.
    • Power Query Pro: Discover how to combine and transform inputs into the perfect data structure using Power Query.
    • Mastering Power Pivot: Start building robust data models to improve your data analysis and handle unlimited data.
    • Excel Skills Boost: Worried that your skills aren’t good enough? Learn the core skills needed to be efficient and effective in Excel.
    • Office Scripts Automate Excel Everywhere: Discover how to use Office Scripts in Excel 365 to automate your work.
  • Tools:
    • Automation Toolkit: Automate the tasks you don’t want to do with our Low Code / No Code automation tool for Excel. It makes automating Excel like creating a to-do list.
    • Power Query Quick Steps: Custom function library filled with easy transformations for tricky scenarios. Makes Power Query easier for longer.
    • Document Control Template: Take control of your inputs to ensure your automation finds the files and folders it needs to run successfully.
    • Push - Fast Presentation Creator: Create PowerPoint presentations from Excel faster and easier than ever before.
  • Community:
    • Live Member Calls: Get direct, live help for your Excel problems on our live Q&A calls.
    • Support Forum: Available to you 24/7 to ask questions and get support.
  • Events and Resources:
    • Masterclasses: Go deep with live sessions with topic experts, includes access to recordings of all previous masterclass sessions.
    • Ebook Library: Download top Excel and Power BI titles from the ebook library.


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Excel Automation Secrets

Course information: Excel Automation Secrets

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About the course: 
This course gives you the framework to build consistently good solutions. You won’t learn how to solve one scenario; you’ll learn how to solve all scenarios. With these skills, you could save months of time each year (meaning you can spend less time at work and more time doing what you love).

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Office Scripts: Automate Excel Everywhere

Course information: Office Scripts: Automation Excel Everywhere

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About the course: 

Embrace the future and become an Office Scripts expert. Using Excel 365, learn to:

  • Write re-usable scripts
  • Create simple applications
  • Build self-running automation processes

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